About us

This is the story of two sisters who decided to combine their talents to create a single brand. We are two sisters that should have been complete opposites! Marine is a brunette and the younger sister, and she’s a product of a strict and classic professional line. The other, Charlotte, is a blonde whose profile is one of irreverence and a world without limits. Despite these differences, which actually represent a powerful combination and make them inseparable, they share a common passion for fashion accessories.

Charlotte, artistic director of Harc, completed her preparatory year at LISAA (The High Institute for the Applied Arts), and she earned her degree in fashion design-pattern making at the Atelier Chardon-Savard before specializing in accessories at ESMOD Paris (School for Arts and Fashion Techniques), one of the best institutions for international fashion. To complete her study of the field, Charlotte mastered her craft alongside French designers. From an early age, Charlotte has been a designer, and has made from paper her own work in the bag-making workshop, with the idea that one day she would be able to produce and show her creations the world over.
Marine, co-founder of Harc, enrolled at the Université Paris Dauphine, where she earned her License degree in Management Sciences and then a Master’s 1 in Finance prior to working toward her prestigious Master’s 224 with a specialization in Banking and Finance. She then completed training by working in audits and financial analysis and credit in firms and financial companies.

The brand

Harc is reminiscent of Antiquity and more specifically Greek goddesses. Admiration for their natural beauty and exemplary courage is so often blended with a sense of fear before their unworldly powers. Because of the emotional ambiguity they stir up, they evoke intrigue and fascination alike, which in the end makes them truly irresistible. This duality of emotions is the source of our creative inspiration. The bow is one of the most divine instrument of mythology. Therefore it is only natural that the name chosen for the brand integrates this powerful object, whose strenght is of course nothing without the arrow, the symbol depicted on our first collection. Arc is the french word for bow, the brand reflects our uniqueness Harc.