Harc will invigorate your collection of accessories with creative handbags that feature unique designs. Not only will be you thrilled with the delicate and luxurious finishing work, the bold and geometric lines are sure to captivate. This combination represents the real signature of our Design House.

High quality and high design create a perfect harmony: invented and conceptualized in Paris with a tremendous eye for detail, these handbags are carefully made by hand by our artisans endowed with ancestral family expertise.

This traditional craftsmanship from South Spain is renowned the world over for the excellence of its high-end leather work.

Because each product comes in a single line, meticulous and painstaking prototype work is necessary. To create this exceptional bag, some fifty pieces have to be assembled with genuine finesse.

Our leathers, chosen in one of the best tanneries, guarantee that our models are durable and have a unique visual appeal, particularly with relief work that graces our products. Dyes adorn the leather cut work and perfect the handmade finishes to reveal stunning lines.

Chosen to add a touch of gilding, decorative elements are all high quality.