Our expertise

The creations

Our designer has a particular attraction for geometric cuts that symbolize the character of the brand. Our products are designed in Paris, in our workshop, with a particular attention to detail. The complexity of the designs considered are all first studied through a long prototyping process, so that every detail is not left to chance, and allow you to have beautiful functional bags. Once the prototype is validated, the manufacturing is entirely handmade, a meticulous work of high precision. For example, to make Haquilin, no less than 40 pieces of leather are needed! The edges of the leather are also all hand-painted, the noblest method in leather goods.

To do so, we have chosen one of the best traditional craftsmen located in the south of Spain. Our bags are carefully made by a Spanish family craft with ancestral know-how. We work hand in hand from the elaboration, prototyping to the manufacturing. We have at heart to offer you quality products, that's why we have chosen a craft recognized worldwide for the excellence of its leather goods.

On the new collection you will find the golden arrow designed to be a clasp in tourniquet. We worked in collaboration with an Italian workshop to create this unique piece.  


Our bags are made of leather, which we choose for its touch, its quality, its robustness and also for the respect of the standards and the know-how of the tannery. Always in Spain, we have met and chosen among the best tanneries for you. Our supplier has more than 80 years of leather tradition and know-how! Precision and quality are values that are dear to us and that we want you to enjoy.

Some advice for use

Leather being a natural material, we advise you, as far as possible, to avoid contact with water, greasy substances and to overexpose your Harc piece to the sun. We advise you to keep the products Harc in their protective pouches and in a dry and ventilated place if you do not use it regularly. For more precise advice or in case of stains, we advise you to visit a leather specialist. Enjoy your bags!